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The Offer

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  • Properties are pre-vetted using all available data from the MLS etc.
  • Key assumptions that go into our analyses:
    • Rent estimate from local comps on MLS
    • Financing:
      • Buy & Hold: 20% down payment, 4.5% interest rate
      • BRRRR: 10% down, 10% interest, holding period 6 months
    • 5% vacancy
    • 5% maintenance
    • 5% CapEx
    • repair costs estimated as per property condition,
  • If any deal looks interesting to you let's dig in deeper together

Why are we doing this?

  • As active investor I am constantly scanning the local market for investment opportunities but cannot possibly pursue all of them
  • Real Estate investing is a team sport and I want to connect the community
  • I hope that if you are interested you will consider me as your agent or we can potentially partner/finance deals together 
About me:
  • Licensed Real Estate Agent since 2019
  • MBA and loves Finance calculations
  • Active long and short term rental investor and flipper
  • Real Estate enthusiast since 2013
  • Avid BiggerPockets and DIY Fan
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